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Cherish Nutrition and Dietetics

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Could you or someone you know be suffering from an eating disorder? 

Cherish Nutrition and Dietetics is centred around the belief that nutrition and therapy combined must be tailored to the unique needs of individuals, harnessing person-centred recovery.

I aim to break the “one size fits all approach” and empower individuals, placing you in the driving seat of your recovery.

I use a number of consultation options such as Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams as well as in person meetings (Covid permitting).

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How I Can Help You

I specialise in introducing a balanced, holistic approach, establishing dietary tolerance and healthy sustainable eating that promotes health.   

  • Once you have decided to recover from an eating disorder, the journey can be a long and complicated process. 

  • However, I encourage you to view your recovery with a renewed sense of curiosity and discovery. 

  • Everyone's recovery process is different; you can always learn important information about situations affecting you. 

  • Each person's expectations and desired outcomes are unique to you.    

  • Now is the time to suspend all preconceived ideas and allow new insights to reveal a new you. 

People can progress through this phased approach by making simple changes to their dietary intake or eating behaviours.   

The process can have a fundamental impact in giving time and nutrients to heal your physical self, preparing you to be exposed to the challenges ahead.  

Recovery takes tremendous courage to fight back against the rigidity and rules that the eating disorder as imposed.  

I welcome lots of questions, and I ask that you assume that nothing you believe at the moment is entirely accurate.  

There is always more to discover, and I hope to enlighten your insights by being open with yourself and finding a new you and sustained quality of life.   

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Meal Planning

Nutrition Education

Holistic Approach

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"Where your focus goes your energy flows"

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Weight monitoring is insufficient because it does not allow to monitor the evolution of the essential elements that make up "weight" such as water, protein mass, minerals and fat mass. Biody Xpert provides an essential amount of information for dietetic analysis who, depending on the results obtained, will be able to produce dietary programs perfectly adapted to your needs. In a few seconds, Biody Xpert allows you to obtain a detailed body composition report.
The main indicators provided by Biody Xpert to establish a dietary program include

- Fat mass level

- Basic metabolism

- Energy needs

- Skeletal muscle mass of the limbs (appendicular)

- Metabolic protein level

- Active cell mass

- Hydration rate without fat 

- Sodium/potassium water balance

- Water balance 

- Intracellular water level

- Extracellular water level

A graphical representation is available to assess the progress.

Biody Xpert can be used as an educational tool for client awareness.
Awareness, through a simple reading of the body composition represented in the software by the "target", is one of the structuring elements that will help you to become aware your nutritional needs and motivate to improve your physical condition.

Thanks to body composition measures, clients are better able to improve compliance (adjustment between the behaviour and the proposed treatment) and adapt nutritional advice.


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After two years of treatment, including CBT, family therapy, dietetic advice and counselling, my daughter was still suffering the awful effects of anorexia. I contacted Laura, not really holding out much hope. Now, just six months later, almost miraculously, our daughter is so much better. She is actually eating real food again instead of the mostly liquid diet that had become the norm. Not only that, we have been able to go out for a family meal – something that I had given up hope of ever doing again. This year on holiday instead of sitting and resting, our

Mum of Elizabeth, age 19 in 2020

Consultation fees


90 minute Dietetic Assessment

90 minute The dietetic assessment includes subjective and objective parameters such as medical history, current and past dietary intake (including energy and protein balance), physical examination and anthropometric measurements, functional and mental assessment, quality of life, medications, and laboratory values


60 min Individual dietetic review

To review agreed on dietary behaviours to improve health outcomes. The effectiveness of nutrition and energy balance.


Block booking fee

10 x 60 min dietetic review or
20 x 30 min review appointments

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About Me

My name is Laura Cherry.  I qualified as a dietitian and obtained my HCPC registration in 2014, before specialising in eating disorders at Leeds Beckett University.

My qualifications include PG Cert in Eating Disorders, BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, QNIC accreditation training and CAMHs training in mental health and eating disorders.

In 2016, I won the prestigious Dame Barbara Clayton Award for Innovation & Excellence in Dietetic Practice, competing against other dietetic practitioners for this national award.

Previously I have worked in the NHS for multiple eating disorder units, both in- and outpatient settings. This included a 36 bed CAMHs eating disorder unit and more recently an adult inpatient and outpatient centre in Warwick; working with clients of all ages and backgrounds with a variety of eating disorders and related mental health issues.​

Throughout my career, I have witnessed first-hand the impact of eating disorders on an individual's quality of life and also that of their family. This experience has given me a passion and drive to help people suffering with these horrible illnesses, whilst providing insight into the level of support required for true, full and lasting recovery.

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Appletree House,
CW11 4QZ

+44 (0)7725022229

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