"I have worked with Laura for over 6 months now. I have not received any psychological treatment, yet I have come such a long way both mentally, physically and personally. I have re-started my life and I could not have done this without Laura. 


Laura has helped me in every area of my life, guiding, supporting and encouraging me. Her gentle, kind, yet consistent approach has enabled me to go at my pace; this approach, I feel works best with anyone recovering from an eating disorder; being forced and pushed into suddenly eating all the foods that scare us is enough to cause a relapse. I previously had this approach and it is safe to say I gave up very early in recovery and I was unaware of what to expect. 


This time round; I have gone at my pace, accepted the struggles and worked through them quickly and effectively. Having regular sessions and contact with to Laura helped me to work through my emotions, my fears and address them with love and care. I am able to accept myself for who I am, and I love who I am becoming. I have learnt I am important and I am the most important thing in my life. I listen to my body and I have confidence to truly feed and honour my body. 


Thank you Laura for helping me and I am grateful I am able to continue working with you. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to even take the first steps in recovery to reach out to Laura; she is an amazing listener with a huge heart; always making me as a person more important than reaching a certain number."

Ellie B, 26

"I have worked with Laura in a Tier 4 inpatient setting; a Specialist Eating Disorder Unit. I found her approach really helpful. Laura considers each patient holistically and not solely from a dietetic point of view. She became a very important part of our team in treating high dependency patients in a very demanding environment. I would highly recommend Laura.


A significant number of patients have (unprompted) commented favourably that they have found working with you very helpful and constructive and they have found your manner and way of working very accessible."

                                                                                    Dr P, Psychiatrist

"It sounds dramatic but it really is true - if it weren’t for Laura, I would not be here today. Laura’s person-centred approach has been exactly what I’ve needed.


She treats you as an individual, making meal plans which suit your particular quirks, fears, lifestyle and situation. She moves at a pace which you determine. You work as a team, rather than being dictated to which is so important.


Laura has empowered me to gain weight and overcome my biggest fears and I have done so because I want to. She has tolerated a lot of tears and tantrums, remaining so encouraging and supportive whilst also knowing when to stop pushing. I honestly could not have asked for a better dietitian. Well not only a dietitian - Laura has been a better therapist to me than any I’ve worked with previously. If anyone wants to speak to me about my situation or experience working with Laura, please just ask her. I really can’t speak highly enough and just wish more people out there struggling could benefit from this kind of service!"

Amy M, 24

"Laura changed my life. I had struggled with eating, self esteem and yo-yoing weight for 33 years. Laura’s down to earth, friendly and knowledgeable approach gave me the tools I needed. The guidance was very personal to me and easy to put into practice.


She recognised that I wanted to lose weight, but didn’t suggest a diet plan - just a reasonable, manageable, way of eating. She wasn’t shocked about my binges or habits, but understanding and very helpful. She guided me week by week and I found I could be completely honest with her - something I haven’t be able to do with other counsellors. I would highly recommend!"

Hayely M, 48

"I have struggled with anorexia, alongside anxiety and OCD for many years. After moving away from home to live independently I felt myself starting to slip again and with this, my anxiety levels creeping up and obsessional thoughts growing in strength. Although on the surface change was a scary prospect I knew that deep down this wasn’t the life I wanted to live and that for both my mental and physical health I needed to eat better and to allow my body to sit at healthier weight. Although Laura lived a long way away when I read her profile on the nutritionist-resource website it stood out to me because of her experience in the treatment of eating disorders and her holistic approach. It was clear that she recognised that it wasn’t just a case of restoring weight but in building a healthy relationship with food and the body. 

Due to the distance Skype appointments were the only option. Initially I was unsure about how this would work but Laura’s warm and friendly manner meant that I was soon made to feel relaxed and comfortable and to feel that I could trust her. She also encouraged me to keep in touch with her via Whatsapp if I had any issues between appointments. This has been invaluable as if I find myself waiving in motivation or was having a difficult time with anxiety I can access the support to pick myself back up and stay on the right track rather than having to wait until the next appointment. 

Laura’s sessions are professional and informative, arming me with the understanding and knowledge I need to achieve my goals, but also compassionate and empathetic. Her deep understanding of the experiences, thoughts and emotions we have to face in recovery offers great comfort and has allowed me to develop both trust and hope in the process. 

I have worked with Laura at a pace I have felt comfortable at and have appreciated the feeling of collaboration in making decisions and forming goals- at the same time feeling secure in knowing that her insight means it is me that she is listening to, rather than my eating disorder. 

I am so grateful for the progress I have made mentally and physically thus far and look forward to continuing to build on my journey to recovery. Thank-you Laura!"

Alice B, 30