"I am an older, reasonably fit man, and I have always had problems with my weight. At my age I felt the time had come to do something about it so, with the help of my wife, we decided to enlist the help of Laura as my dietician, the objective being to extend my active life as much as possible. Laura's approach was not one of working to a strict diet but rather to teach me strategies that would fit into my lifestyle in order to give them the best chance of success and longevity. There was no ban on enjoying myself or a ban on alcohol, either of which would have guaranteed failure. Instead Laura used sensible planning, with an emphasis on eating wholesome balanced meals which she could be sure I would enjoy. The size of the meals was designed to be enough to satisfy my appetite and the objective was slow weight loss that could be sustained over a long time period. Alongside this was a moderate exercise regime using stretches and light weight training. Laura consistently gave alternatives as we discussed the strategies, rather than sticking to one rigid plan.

This was several months ago and I am pleased with the results as I have lost significant weight at a slow but consistent rate. The exercise regime has improved my flexibility, which is important as I am a keen golfer and wish to continue for as long as possible. I now eat well and am happy with my regime, a feature of which is a good breakfast, something I was never in the habit of eating. I do not count calories, as it is not necessary with Laura's approach, but merely plan and eat what I want in a sensible manner.

I am extremely happy with the advice given to me by Laura and it is now up to me to incorporate the plan permanently into my lifestyle as I am sure it will meet all my long term objectives. Perhaps an update in 12 months time would confirm the wisdom of the approach.


Brian 71 - September 2019

Hi Laura,

Hope you are well.

Just wanted to message you to say a big "Thank You" for what you have achieved with our daughter. It was great to hear that she is not far off 18.5 BMI and on her way to the target of 20. We can now see our daughter returning to her beautiful self. I know you asked her what the turning point was for her, well for us it was getting in touch with you and for the first time during a long battle, seeing that there was finally hope and a plan that could bring her back to health and allow her to get on with her life again. We know the battle isn't over yet but we now have hope as a family. You should be proud of yourself and the positive influence you have had on her  and us as a family. Many Thanks.

Dave x                                                      June 2019

"When I first met Laura, I had been battling Anorexia for 10+ years and was in the midst of my worst relapse to date. I was extremely unwell and had lost hope that I could ever get better. I can now proudly say that I have never got this far in recovery before, and I strongly believe that being down to the strong support system that I have, which Laura has been a key part of.

It’s been a long journey of ups and downs, but the lessons that I have learnt along the way have been invaluable. Laura has by far exceeded the label of a dietitian. Not only has she educated me and supported me nutritionally, she has also provided so much more than that. Laura has been a rational voice, a supportive & non-judgemental ear and a constant support, in such an overwhelming and scary process. Putting my trust in to Laura was one of the best decisions I’ve made, she provided me with hope, comfort and above all else – progress.

As well as this, Laura really took the time out to get to know me as a person. No appointment was focused purely on the food, we knew that food was both the problem and the solution, however in order for change to happen and be sustainable there had to be purpose. Eating disorders take away everything until you don’t really know who you are anymore.  Laura went to great efforts to get to know any interests or likes and dislikes that I previously had, and explored these with me throughout my path of recovery. In doing this, she didn’t only build my meal plan, or my health- she helped to rebuild me as a person, and I will always be eternally grateful for that.

I now look back and am amazed at the progress, and how different my life now looks – even from 6 months ago. Although I still have a little work to do, I am equipped with the knowledge, tools and belief to continue my journey. I am starting a new chapter of my life, in a much healthier body and mind, embarking on a career in Wellbeing & Yoga; to help others to manage their mental health, body image, and overall wellness – whilst hopefully preventing others from experiencing what I have. I’m most thankful to Laura as she has been a significant contribution in allowing me the opportunity to start a new chapter, when the story came so close to being over.

If anyone has any difficulties around nutrition, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Laura. I will be forever grateful and singing her praises for all that she has done for me.

                                          Ella B 29 - October 19