About Cherish

My mission is to help those suffering with an eating disorder to recover and restore their lives.

How? I focus on individuals as individuals.

Every eating disorder is specific to the sufferer, the notion of a “one size fits all” approach to helping and aiding recovery is not adequate to address the specific lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that can fuel an eating disorder. 


I provide a holistic approach to psychological and physical recovery.


My aim is to harness the positive elements of in-patient support, such as meal planning, emotional and psychological reinforcement and camaraderie from others sharing similar experiences, whilst formulating a tailored, person-centred recovery plan.



This can take the form of dietetic advice and meal plans - taking into account taste preferences - recovery goals and pace. 

In order to achieve true recovery, we will need to explore the unique triggers, behaviours and causes of your eating disorder.


Getting to know you

Why do you want to recover? In our work together, we will explore your motivations such as career ambitions and time spent with friends and family. 

We will pursue these goals and motivators, driving recovery whilst also providing valuable memories and achievements to be cherished along the way.